The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Lubbock
Most Reverend Robert M. Coerver, S.T.L., M.S.
Bishop Of Lubbock


Rite of Christian Initiation 2

RCIA2 – Yes – You are reading this correctly! Ninety-six of you have joined the Church in the last three years and so many of you have asked about other classes you can attend. Here it is!

RCIA2 is for many of you.

  • For those who have completed the RCIA1 class.
  • For those who were RCIA sponsors
  • For those who would like to become a RCIA sponsor
  • For all Catholics  that are seeking more information about your faith
  • If you have nothing else better to do on Tuesday evenings than become more Catholic than you already are!

We  will meet on Tuesday evenings from 7—9:00 in room 222  beginning September 13th . Our RCIA1 Team will take turns teaching the class.

  • Bring your questions.
  • Bring your RCIA notebook.
  • Bring topics that interest you, especially the ones that we covered briefly in RCIA

There is no fee for this class. A new notebook will be ‘built’ like in RCIA1, but no Retreat, no Confirmation robe, no prayer cards, Rosaries or Crucifixes for your walls; just more knowledge and an appreciation for our faith and friends, who are like family that you can share with.

Contact Juno if you need more information: Juno Bishop 806.777.5348

I’ll see you Tuesday and/or Thursday evening – and at Mass!

Be Patient. Have Faith. Trust God.

In His Name ~ Always,


RCIA 2 Topics

Please take a minute to review the topics below. You can let the RCIA 2 Team know which topics you are interested in discussing during our Tuesday classes by submitting this form. Thank you.
  • So you may receive an email confirmation including your selections.
  • Part 3 - Psalms
  • ( In Order - In Pencil!)
  • Last Clas Day - May 2, 2017
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