The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Lubbock
Most Reverend Robert M. Coerver, S.T.L., M.S.
Bishop Of Lubbock


Policy for Celebrating Quinceañeras


A Quinceañera is a beautiful celebration in the life of a young woman.  In this celebration, a young woman makes her own promises to continue to persevere in ways of holiness.  We are happy to be a part of this celebration with you and ask the following for your celebration to take place at Holy Spirit:

  • Parents of the quinceañera must be active parishioners of Holy Spirit as set forth by the attached Holy Spirit Active Membership Policy.
  • The quinceañera must have been involved a Holy Spirit Religious Education Classes for the two years before her quinceañera celebration.
  • The quinceañera should attend a quinceañera retreat before her celebration takes place.
  • The quinceañera should be interviewed by the priest or deacon celebrant of her celebration.
  • A donation to the church of $300 is asked for the resources and upkeep of the parish.  $150 of this fee is due with your paperwork to secure your date.
  • The parish must be notified nine months in advance of any celebration.  Please do not make other arrangements before setting your date with the parish.

Quinceañeras are encouraged to attend the sacrament of Reconciliation before the celebration and to encourage the members of their party to do the same.

Included in this packet are the guidelines for the use of the parish and the guidelines for your celebration as put forth by the Diocese of Lubbock.


Various facilities and services are available specifically to our active parishioners. This includes the use of the Church for Baptisms, Weddings and other sacramental events, and includes parishioner status in parochial schools (Christ the King) or any letters from Monsignor.


Active membership in the Church is determined by the following:

  • Being properly registered in the parish for at least one (l) year.
  • Faithful attendance at Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.
  • Financially supporting the parish by using the envelope or the electronic system of giving for the support of the parish.
  • Trying to be actively involved in at least one parish program, ministry, and organization or by volunteering in fundraising activities and functions.

You are not considered an active member of the parish if you do not meet at least some of the four (4) requirements mentioned above.  For more information, please speak with one of our priests.


FLOWERS: Flowers may be placed in front of the Altar or on the steps. No flowers are permitted on the Altar itself. Arrangements may not obscure the Altar or be of a size to detract from the main focus of the ceremony which is the Altar and the quinceañera. If the florist or you wish to use vases/urns which belong to the church, you will need to contact one of the people on the environment committee approximately one month (30 days) prior to the wedding to schedule an appointment to see what is available.  The flowers must remain at the Church; these flowers cannot be taken to the reception.  We use silk arrangements at the Altar and tabernacle most of the time.  If you wish to use silk and we have complimentary colors available, we will be happy to put it out for your use.  If you use our flowers, they are to be used as is, no rearranging. Christmas and Easter decorations may not be taken down or rearranged. A fee of $50.00 will be required for the use of the church flowers.

If you use fresh flowers in front of the Altar, we suggest you have someone responsible for moving the silk arrangements that are by the Altar. Remove them to the back wall behind the priest’s chair. If you are using your fresh floral arrangement at the reception, please move the silk arrangement back to the original position. If you do leave fresh arrangement at the church, we will be happy to have it and we will be responsible for watering and keeping them fresh. Please let us know if this is your intention so that we do not order fresh flowers the same weekend.

PEW BOWS are permitted, but, may not be taped or secured by any type of tacks or putty. Your florist can make your pew bows and will supply the clamps/ribbons.

No decorations may be glued, pinned, stapled or nailed to the woodwork, plaster or pews. Arrangements should be made by the bride with the florist and the rental company to remove all of their equipment immediately following the ceremony. Please contact one member of the environment committee for further instructions.

Mona Bryan 798-3154 h 789-6068
Norma Jean Kitten 798-3361 777-7048
Janie Esparza 794-0393 544-1170
Shirley Bednarz 828-6024 777-6024
Juno Bishop 777-5348


A fee of $300.00 is required for the use of the parish facilities. A deposit of $150.00 is required when you schedule your wedding date. All remaining fees must be paid one month (30 days) prior to the wedding. See the Quinceañera Contract which is included in these guidelines. These fees help pay for the utilities and the wear and tear on the church. Please make checks payable to Holy Spirit.


Only sacred and some classical music is appropriate. Submit music selections to the wedding coordinator working with you. If you have a question about a particular selection, please talk to the priest before the rehearsal. You are responsible for securing and paying your musicians. Their fee is not included in the rental of the church.

Listed below are musicians who are willing to help with the planning of your event.

Chris Torres (organist) 806-368-7313
Mary Lou Rodriquez (vocalist) 806-543-8090
Texas Tech School of Music 806-742-2279
Eduardo Alcayaga (organist) 806-441-4499
Stacy Cardenas 806-632-1018
Charity Galan 806-577-6139
Leslie Ditton (organ/piano) 806-544-8661
Amanda Y. Perez (vocalist) 806-928-3115
Robert and Katie DeVet 806-782-8247


Normally, all group pictures are done before or after the ceremony. The photographer should not be on the altar and needs to remain nonintrusive.


We have available a bride’s room and a groom’s room that can be used. Each of the rooms is located across from the restrooms. Items for the ceremony should be put in these rooms; however, the Church cannot assume responsibility for personal items. Please arrange for someone to remove all clothing and to dispose of any flower boxes, trash etc., after the ceremony is over: You may have water in the rooms and lite snacks only. No sodas or punches. The party should be considerate of those who will be using the rooms after they leave. The temperature for the bride’s room is always set at 72 degrees, we do not change it.


Included in this packet is a form that needs to be filled out and returned to the Church one month prior to your wedding date. This form is requesting times for these systems to be turned on for rehearsal and actual ceremony. The church will then appoint someone to be in charge of turning on these systems. Be aware that you will NOT have heating, air conditioning and/or sound if this form is not turned in at the appropriate time.


If a Mass is being planned, it is the bride and groom’s responsibility to get these participants. These participants must be trained and in good standing with the church.

QUINCEANERAS from the Diocesan Pastoral Manual

The Quinceañera is an important moment in the life of a young woman of Hispanic origin and culture. Many parents wish to celebrate this event with their daughters and families within the context of the Eucharistic celebration. However, the celebration may be performed by a Deacon within the Liturgy of the Word and with a Communion Service. Pastors should not refuse to perform the Quinceañera unless there is a serious reason for doing so.


In order to enhance the Quinceañera celebration to the beauty of its cultural past and its objective of giving glory and praise to God, the following are suggested:

  • That the young lady celebrating the Quinceañera has been actively involved in Religious Education classes according to her age and understanding for the previous two years (full CCE class year) or proof from previous parish.
  • That the young lady celebrating the Quinceañera and her family be registered in the parish, or have permission from her pastor.
  • That arrangements are to be made with the Parish Office at least four (4) months prior to the date of the celebration. Suitable preparation should be made which includes:
    • A Quinceañera retreat.
    • Instructions to the Quinceañera, the parents, the padrinos, and the 14 attendants (damas/girls).
    • Suitable preparation and time set aside for the Sacrament of Penance prior to the celebration.
    • A suitable offering should be made to the church and to the presiding minister.
      • Parish will set the amount.
  • The celebration itself should emphasize the following:
    • Gratitude: Grateful to God for the gift of life, to parents for love and care, to family, friends and parish.
    • Responsibility: As she leaves adolescence and enters adulthood, she commits herself to God, family, parish and community.
    • Celebration: The celebration should truly be Catholic, encouraging participation by all those present. The Quinceañera, with the family and attendants should plan the Liturgy.
  • Those chosen by the Quinceañera to be in the Liturgical procession will include only the following:
    • Godparents of Baptism
    • Fourteen attendants (damas/girls)
      • Note: Single mothers and fathers cannot be included within the Liturgical procession.
    • Within the celebration of the Mass we require:
      • Sacred music
      • Profession of Faith by the whole group followed by a prayer by the Quinceañera.
      • Presentation of a Prayer Book or Bible to encourage participation at Mass and to stress the importance of the Word.
      • Rosary and/or Medal of the Blessed Virgin Mary – She is the model of love, commitment and purity.
  • The Quinceañera and her Damas should be appropriately dressed for church.
  • Appropriate blessing at the end of Mass or Blessing by Deacon.
  • To avoid any resemblance to a marriage, the following are to be discouraged:
    • Gown resembling bridal gown
    • Ring
    • Crown (Corona)
      • If they insist on the ring and crown, it is suggested that they he presented to her apart from the Mass ceremony.
  • Both individual and group Quinceañeras are permitted. But, families should not be forced to participate in a group Quinceañera unless there is a serious reason for this.
  • Liturgy can be taken from new approved guidelines