The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Lubbock
Most Reverend Robert M. Coerver, S.T.L., M.S.
Bishop Of Lubbock

Our Seminarians






Holy Spirit’s Seminarians 2015

Jeremy Trull, Seth Lorenz, and Jonathan Phillips are all seminarians of the Dioceses of Lubbock and are about to complete their summer internship here at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. They brought a variety of spiritual gifts, talents, and experiences with them and have during this short time shared them with us. In exchange, I think they have gained some insight into our parish family, of which I think we can learn from to encourage vocations in our parish.

I invited them to respond to some questions in an attempt to learn more about their personal as well as professional life, and their journey to and through their priesthood formation. In addition, I hoped to find out how we, as parishioners could support them as they continued their formation, and foster vocations here at Holy Spirit. I was curious, as many of us are; what it is like to attend a seminary, or what prerequisites are required to become a priest? Do all diocesan seminaries require the same curriculum, or are seminarians allowed to personalize their philosophy or theology degrees? Do all seminarians come from the same mold, and have an earth-shattering experience in answering the call to the priesthood?

They have offered an inspirational opportunity through their responses to these questions. I think you will be gratefully surprised at our prospective diocesan priests. I was personally filled with humility and encouraged  that living one’s life can be simplified by spending time with God in prayer, surrendering one’s will to God’s love and laws, and seeking to know, love, and serve him. It is evident that each seminarian has uniquely surrendered their will to God. Could this be a reflection of their seminary training, their confidence in those that have encouraged them through their lives, and/or their confidence and trust that Our Lord has directed their earthly life and vocation? Is there something else we could learn from them? I invite you to read their responses. Jeremy Trull, Seth Lorenz, and Jonathan Phillips

Jeannie Burrows July 23, 2015