The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Lubbock
Most Reverend Robert M. Coerver, S.T.L., M.S.
Bishop Of Lubbock

Jeremy Trull

Jeremy Trull

If you began your seminary training here in Lubbock, what are three interesting characteristics of the Diocese that helped you decide to begin or continue your seminary training in Lubbock?  For starters, the Diocese of Lubbock is a mission diocese that is in great need of priests.  Second, I have always found Lubbock and the West Texas region to be full of genuine, kind-hearted people.  Finally, Lubbock is home to most of my family and friends, and I want to be able to minister to them as a priest. 

 In what way has your internship here at Holy Spirit this summer helped to maintain your interest in continuing your seminary training and to continue pursuing your vocation to the priesthood?  We’ve learned a great deal during our internship, but the community itself has especially motivated me to continue on with my formation.  Holy Spirit is such a vibrant and active parish that it makes me very excited for the future of our Diocese, and so I want to be able to take an active role in helping to build by being a priest.  Also, the warmth and generosity of the parishioners has been very touching, therefore motivating me even more to become a priest for the people of Lubbock. 

To help us understand the seminary training, what is your current level of seminary formation?  What is your next milestone in seminary training, ordination, or the diaconate?  Would you like to share how your original family fosters your choice of vocation?  I have completed two years of formation already.  I was sent to Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving, TX to study philosophy; now that my time there is finished, I will be moving on to St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston, TX where I will study theology for four years.  Half-way through, I will come back to Lubbock for a Pastoral Year (i.e. yearlong internship).  My prospective date for ordination is August 2019 (Diaconate) and June 2020 (Priesthood.)  Throughout all of this, my family has supported me 100%.  They have always told me to follow wherever I sense God is leading me.  They have told me numerous times how proud they are of me and that they pray for me every day, which is one of the greatest encouragements I could ever receive. 

 How did you begin your journey to pursue your vocation to the priesthood? Are there specific situations, circumstances that inspired you to consider the priesthood?  Was it someone or something during your early childhood, teens, adulthood, and/or an educational, sacramental retreat, parish, or community event?  My discernment began when I was still going through RCIA at St. John Neumann and several people approached me and told me that they thought I would make a good priest.  I dismissed the idea for a time, until some friends of mine made the suggestion again and I finally realized that I need to take discernment seriously.  It was in the chapel of Mundelein Seminary in Chicago during a discernment retreat that I finally realized that God was calling me to go to the seminary.  That decision has been affirmed over and over again over the last two years, and so I can now honestly say that one day becoming a priest is the greatest desire I have.

 Is there a specific ministry you feel that your gifts, talents, experiences, and desires to serve could best be utilized to help serve in a parish, mission, ministry, and the Catholic Church?  I have always been academically inclined, so teaching is something I am greatly interested in.  Also, being a convert, I think I would have a lot to offer for RCIA programs, since I have a shared experience with many who go through RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.

What are classes like in the seminary? Are they integrated with secular institutions? Is there a selection of degree plans available to you? Where have your travels taken you on your journey through the priesthood?  The classes for Holy Trinity Seminarians are taken at the University of Dallas Campus, which were very rigorous yet also very formative and enjoyable.  All seminarians receive a bachelor’s degree in philosophy (unless they already have a college degree) and a master’s degree in theology; however, there are options for additional degrees, depending on the seminary you attend.  So far, I have only spent time in Irving, TX, but now that I am moving on to higher levels in formation, the opportunities to travel to other places for different types of programs increases.

 Do you have time to enjoy any technical or recreational activities during your seminary training? Are there any hobbies or activities you enjoy during your down time from the seminary studies?  We are strongly encourage to enjoy other pursuits besides just academics in order to keep a balanced life; however, seminary life is very busy, so we have to actively work to make time for it.  For me, I enjoy powerlifting, watching movies with other seminarians, and playing ping-pong and pool.

 How can we as parishioners help you during the remainder of your time with us and during the upcoming academic year?  The greatest thing that Holy Spirit parishioners can do for us seminarians is to continue to pray for us, but another important thing would be to keep in contact with us, especially through mail.  While at seminary, a tough day can easily be made much brighter by seeing that you have a card or letter in your mail slot from someone back home!

  Would you like to share your contact information with us? How can we stay in touch with you and you with us?  Of course!  My address at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston is 9845 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77024, and my phone number is (806) 392-2747.

  Is there anything we as parishioners can do to help foster vocations within our parish?  The greatest thing to do is talk often about vocations and discernment with the children and teens of the parish.  Help them to see the goodness and beauty of these callings, and encourage them to bravely ask God what His will for them is.  If you notice something in another person that makes you think they would make a good priest or religious, don’t be afraid to let them know.  Above all else, continue praying for those who are searching and for those who have already answered the call.