The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Lubbock
Most Reverend Robert M. Coerver, S.T.L., M.S.
Bishop Of Lubbock

Adult Faith Formation Classes – Fall 2017

Adult Faith Formation Classes

Fall 2017

Sunday Classes

Faith Alive (Bible Study)  

Facilitated by David and Chase Powell

This is an interactive Bible Study that answers any questions you may have concerning your faith. The first 4 weeks will be dedicated to our Blessed Virgin Mary. The remaining classes will be in an depth study of the Early Fathers of the church.

  • Meets on Sunday mornings from 9:10 to 10:15 am in Room 126.


The Choice Wine – 7 Steps to a Superabundant Marriage  

Facilitated by Graduated Choice Wine couples

Theme: A 9-week, interactive, multi-media program specifically designed for married or engaged couples. The Choice Wine is a pathway to authentic marital happiness. Couples will learn how to virtually divorce-proof their marriages, experience the superabundant love and mercy of God and realize a foretaste of Paradise in their marriages and families.

  • Meets Sundays at 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm in Room 223 and child care is available.


Basic Ecclesial Community Classes 

Facilitated by Sisters Rose and Madonna

Theme: Help the parents/guardians to recognize their role as members of the Holy Spirit Christian Community and to deepen their faith to God and their relationship to one another as a community of disciples.

  • Meets Sunday at 9:15 am and Wednesday at 6:00 pm in Room 118. (Child Care is available)


Tuesday Classes



Facilitated by Jeremy Trull and Laurel Johnson

Theme:  Just as a mosaic consists of several small tiles which, together, make up a larger picture, this class will cover several topics which will help to inform several areas of your Catholic faith.  Our focus will be on Scripture, specifically the readings from Mass throughout the week, but we will also cover various topics in Church History, the Lives of the Saints, and Contemporary Catholic Issues.  Meets Tuesday Evenings, 7:00 to 8:00 PM in Room 126.

(First Class September 12th)


That Man is You! (TMIY)

Facilitated by Craig Bednarz

Theme: Faith based group of men focused on being a better man, adult and parent. This is all new material from the previous 3 years and is titled ‘The Unveiling of Love’. It will run for 13 weeks in the Fall and 13 weeks in the Spring.

  • Meets Tuesday at 6:00 pm in Room 118 and dinner is provided.



Wednesday Classes


Catholic 101  

Facilitated by David Powell

Theme: Want to know more about YOUR Catholic Faith?  This is a scripture based open dialogue format on Why and What the Catholic Church teaches.

  • Meets Wednesday evenings from 6 to 7 pm in Room 126. (Child Care is available)


Women’s Bible Study

Facilitated by Sisters Rose and Madonna

Theme: Active for more than 10 years. For women who want to learn more about the Bible and their Catholic faith. We start each session with reciting the Rosary. We watch videos and study books of the Bible as well as study the teachings of the Catholic Church.

  • Meets Wed. from 9 to 10:30 am. in Room 118.


Marian Apparitions 

Facilitated by Marla Cottenoir and Dr. David Marzak

Theme: The Blessed Virgin Mary is a central figure in God’s plan of Salvation. Our lady has appeared many times through the centuries. Early apparitions occurred, mostly to one person or a small group. However, beginning in the 16th Century there have been a few great apparitions with signs and wonders witnessed by many people and messages intended for the whole world. This course will examine Mary’s mission, the essential elements of 7 Marian Apparitions as they relate to historical facts of those Apparitions, and review of certain questions and objections that have been raised concerning them.

  • Meets Wednesdays from 6:00 – 7:00 pm in McGivney Hall. (Child Care is available)



Practical Spirituality  

Facilitated by Kathryn and Ed Loskill

Theme: To “reawaken your spirituality and faith” and “to bring the faithful back to the Sacraments.”  Common themes are forgiveness, mercy, Sacraments and prayer coupled with the story/lessons of Fatima, Devine Mercy and Marian Consecration.

  • This group meets on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 7 pm and runs throughout the year in the Chapel.
  • First 30 minutes are dedicated to lecture/talks and the last 30 minutes are for the Divine Mercy Chaplet.


Young Adult Group 

Facilitated by Kelly Shehan

Theme: For young adults from age 20-35ish.

  • Meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm in Room 118.


Thursday Classes


RCIA (Right of Christian Initiation for Adults) 

Facilitated by Juno Bishop

Theme: A nine-month program for those interested in joining the Church or for those interested in learning more about our faith – for both Catholics and non-Catholics. Those attending all classes and wishing to become full members of the church will be able to do so at the Easter Vigil in March.

  • Class time: Thursdays, 7:00 – 9:00 PM. Child care available. RCIA meets in McGivney Hall.


Revelation Bible Study

Facilitated by Justin Sproles

Theme: In depth look at the Book of Revelation.

  • Meets Thursday from 7:00 to 8:00 in Room 220.

On-line books, CDs, bible study programs, full length movies, Kids content and more. Free to all. To set up your account use the Holy Spirit Passcode: AWF23D


OnLine Study – Journey Through the Scriptures

Theme: An intense self-paced study of the profound link between the Old and New Testaments. Below is a list of Journey Through Scriptures Bible classes available at

  • Genesis to Jesus (available in Spanish)
  • The Bible and the Mass (available in Spanish)
  • The Bible and the Sacraments (available in Spanish)
  • The Bible and the Virgin Mary (available in Spanish)
  • The Bible and the Church Fathers
  • The Bible and Prayer



 All classes will begin the week of September 10th

Day Class Time Room
Sunday Faith Alive 9:15 AM 126
Basic Ecclesial Community Classes 9:15 AM 118
Choice Wine 6:45 PM 223
Tuesday That Man Is You 6:00 PM 118
Mosaic 7:00 PM 126
Wednesday Women’s Bible Study 9:00 AM 126
Catholic 101 6:00 PM 126
Basic Ecclesial Community Classes 6:00 PM 118
Marian Apparitions 6:00 PM McGivney
Practical Spirituality 6:00 PM Chapel
Young Adults 7:30 PM 118
Thursday RCIA 7:00 PM McGivney
Revelation Bible Study 7:00 PM 220